Welcome to the Office of Michael S. Adsit, DDS

Located Near Marion, NY

We are located in Wayne County, NY.  Our dental practice services patients from the Marion, NY area.

Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of dental services including:

  1. Dental Cleanings
  2. Periodontal treatments
  3. Tooth Colored Fillings
  4. Crowns
  5. Denture fabrication
  6. Dental Extractions
  7. Implant restorations
  8. Same day denture repair

Feeling Anxious or Nervous?

No worries. We have nitrous oxide available in our main treatment room so that you can relax and stay comfortable throughout the dental procedure.

Nitrous Oxide Nosepiece

Do you hate having your teeth cleaned?

Having your teeth cleaned shouldn't be painful. Your comfort is our concern. We utilize a special machine called the Biosonic Suvi that will make your dental hygiene visit much more enjoyable. Give it a try. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Biosonic Dental Cleaning

Did you break your denture or lose a denture tooth?

No problem. We offer same day denture repair. Dr. Adsit has thousands of denture teeth on hand and can repair your acrylic denture in a matter of minutes.

Broken Denture
Denture Missing Teeth


Dr. Adsit is an in-network provider of Excellus, Cigna, MetLife, and Guardian insurance. We will file all of your insurance forms regardless of your insurance provider. We accept financing through CareCredit, credit cards, debit cards, cash, and check.  We do not participate in NYS managed programs such as Medicaid or Blue Choice Option.

Check out our "Patient Care" Tab below for a more detailed view on How we manage our dental treatments.

We have a Wheelchair accessible Treatment Room

Nursing Home Room
Nursing Home Room

Our in house lab is second to none

Dental Lab Picture

Sterlization and Infection control

Good infection control and sterilization are key to running a successful dental office.  Dr. Adsit and his team have extensive knowledge and training on proper sterilization.  Our brand new Midmark 11 is one of the best autoclaves in the industry.  All of our instruments are scrubbed and cleaned in a special ultrasonic solution before being sterilized.  The pouches that the instruments are sterilized in have a special indicator on them letting us know that our instruments are sterile.  In addition to this, we perform weekly spore testing on our autoclave per the CDC guidelines and clean our autoclave on a monthly basis.

Our treatment rooms are disinfected in between patients using hospital grade disinfectants such as Cavicide spray and Cavicide Wipes.  All patient contact surfaces are disinfected and allowed to rest before our next patient is seated in the treatment room.

Dental biofilms, or complex microorganism colonies, can build up inside dental chair lines.  To minimize dental biofilm buildup, we only use distilled water in our dental chairs, we place waterline maintenance tablets inside our distilled water reservoirs, and flush our dental lines on a weekly basis using Liquid Ultra.

All dental impressions and dentures are disinfected using Cavicide spray before they are reviewed in our in house lab or submitted to our dental lab partner.


What are our patient's saying?

Our long time patient Josiah Waterman wrote Dr. Adsit and his team a song titled “Tooth Tunes.”  Please press play to hear Josiah’s song.

"Both kids had a dentist appointment today. And Miss Anita M. Celentano-Miracle made the experience amazing as always. It was Riddik’s first visit and he was nervous but she let him watch Addison get her cleaning and Riddik even got to help. He was excited for his turn. Making children comfortable with new experiences is a gift. This mama thanks you Miss Anita for making the dentist fun."
Melena B.
"Had a major toothache during the pandemic called The office he came in remove the tooth hardly any pain he’s a great dentist would highly recommend"
Allen W.
"He is a Pleasure to be around and staff are amazing"
Penny A.